Tax Return Help

Tax Return Help

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Every year, almost everyone needs to file their tax return unless they are exempt. Tax laws are complicated and they change from year to year making it difficult for taxpayers to keep up and file their tax returns correctly. Also most people are too busy to spend a large amount of time reading and trying to understand how to file their tax returns correctly, how to take appropriate tax deductions, how to claim the tax credits they are qualified to claim and so on. For low income tax payers, there are some assistance offered through the IRS or affiliated organizations. Some people opt for using tax software such as TaxCut or Turbo Tax to prepare their tax returns while others just walk into the tax preparers’ offices such as H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt or Liberty Tax Service.

Free help at the Tax Return Help Center

The Tax Return Help Center has a staff of volunteers who help taxpayers answer questions, find tax deductions, tax credits, help taxpayers decide if they qualify for certain tax credits, tax deductions or exemptions. However, the Tax Return Help Center only offer information and resources. For more specific information about your situation or advice, taxpayers should contact the IRS directly.

How to get help from the Tax Return Help Center
  1. Ask your tax questions, giving as much information and details about your situation as possible.
  2. Wait for one of our volunteer staff to contact you with more questions if necessary.
  3. Our volunteer will do the research and find out the answers to your questions and get back with you.
  4. If necessary, our volunteer will arrange to meet with you to go over documents or discuss your situation in more detail.
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